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Integrated tool to customize your Windows look

This program allows you to change the look and feel of the Windows GUI,including desktop wallpapers,icons,cursors,IE skins,folders,visual styles,OEM information,put your name in system tray,adjust the transparency level of your taskbar,and it won't slow your computer down while you work or play!


Dynamic Wallpaper Change and/or rotate your desktop wallpaper with over 20 kinds of animated effects. >>See samples
IE Skin Skin Internet Explorer's tool bar,animated logo. >>See samples
Logon Screens Change your Windows XP Logon Screen(Welcome Screen). >>See samples
Icons Customize your OS icons. >>See samples
Cursors Change your cursors using very popular Cursor Packages. >>See samples
Folders Change the look of your OS folders. >>See samples
OEM Info Edit the OEM information on your PC. >>See samples
Visual Style Add Visual Styles support to old programs.
Change the transparency level of the Windows taskbar.
Put your name in Windows system tray.

Customize Start Button label



It won't slow your computer down while you work or play!It will not have to load every time your computer starts, which frees up valuable system resources
You can easily restore all settings to default.
It has an easy-to-use interface like Windows Control Panel
These are not the only features and benefits, there are plenty more for you to discover!download!

Download.com Review of WinPersonalizer
Play Windows decorator with this easy-to-use program. WinPersonalizer lets you change the background for Internet Explorer, tweak logos or icons, delete right-click menu items and other toolbar buttons, change the look of the cursor or folders, as well as install a completely new logon screen. The program's interface borrows heavily from Windows XP, with colorful menu options and straightforward instructions. If you're running an older Windows system, you can add XP Visual Style to your system functions as well. Overall, a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of the Windows OS.
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